It will likely be the same in mmoexp 2K21

wangrui | 02 Сентябрь, 2020 19:11

If it's anything like no meter in 20, it will be too strong to nba 2k21 mt coins utilize square. You are literally in a disadvantage in 20 with all the meter on. In the event that you dont use this bullshit that is planning it is going to be the same in 21. They say in the article that they tried something of the types in 2k17 and used it. I will be amazed if folks use this. they revamped it, theyre not so dumb that theyre going to use a new feature that sucks ass, people are gonna utilize it. Of course it. The purpose was that they present features that people don't use. They can do it a whole lot. Please just shut uup. You and the game have not played yet, you dont know nothing. You think they would incorporate? You're probably gonna say yes since"FuCk 2k" but they make a game that is extremely playable each year with fantastic features. Hate them and you sound like the type of man to say fuck 2k but still buys every match the last five decades they have created. Okay mike wang. Keep being a yes man and eat all the bullshit you are given by them with a grin. Yeah I enjoy the game and play it a lot, that's why I criticize dumbass unnecessary features when they include them. Youre crazy stupid. It's not me that's mike wang or you that"criticizes unnecessary features" it is only you who is not open for new things and you are a npc that states the identical shit everyone else says. Everyone says"uh fuck 2k this match is gont be fucking wack". I will bet you thought 2k18 was fantastic. "This neighborhood is so innovative!" "Bfresh is indeed funny"2k had been going downhill since 16. And it isnt difficult to recognize when they're adding something dumb. Can I give it a go? Bfresh was pretty funny tho but in the manner that how could they ever desire her as a character. Yea, its a wait and see thing, but atm it seems as if you will spend more time attempting to stare at this ridiculous planning picture than being conscious of your environment and buy Nba 2k21 Mt making a good shot.


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